About Us

Our Beginnings

Joseph and Violet Olpin founded Olpin Mortuary in Heber City in 1928, and funeral services have been available to families in Utah, 24 hours a day ever since.  “Their helping hands went wherever they were needed”.  Grandpa Joe, as he was affectionately known, served the community until the mid 1970’s. He had two sons, Theodore (Ted) and Richard (Guy), who, over time, were given the charge of caring for the community’s funeral needs. In time, Guy and wife Shirley, assumed the business responsibilities and continued his service to the community through the turn of century.

Now, with over 80 years of experience and service to the communities of Utah, coupled with four generations of family dedication, the name Olpin-Hoopes represents tradition, commitment to our community, and personalized service to individuals and families. Also, our comprehensive experience in all areas of funeral service, allow those we serve affordable options in arranging services for loved ones.

As in years gone by, Olpin-Hoopes Funeral Home has maintained the value and tradition of funeral service.  One of these traditions is the opportunity for families to use an original horse-drawn coach (hearse) from the 1860’s that was originally utilized by the U.S. Navy.

Our Staff

Staff members at Olpin-Hoopes Funeral Home are caring and experienced professionals who understand the meaning of, “Serving with Old-Fashioned Warmth and Sincerity”. They understand the need for tradition, commitment, and honoring personalized service for individuals and families.  Our Team Members include:

S. Brian Sisson
Vaughn J. Hoopes
Katie M. Hoopes
Kent Sweat
Lance K. Sargent

Cache Ferguson
Mike Bergin